Upcoming events

    • 20 Aug 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Kate's Club, 1190 W Druid Hills Dr NE, Suite T80, Atlanta, GA 30329

    August Member Meeting

    Hear from Elaine Hudson, Associate Director of Nonprofit Services at Hands on Atlanta about HOA, their mission, programs, where they're headed, and Hands on Partner Services. Learn about how they help nonprofits and volunteer management professionals recruit volunteers and promote partner agencies. 

    Date & Time: Tuesday, August 20th, 9am-10am 

    Location: Kate's Club, 1190 W Druid Hills Dr NE, Suite T80, Atlanta, GA 30329

    • 17 Sep 2019
    • Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, 5601 North Allen Rd SE, Mableton, GA 30126


    2019 COVA Conference

    This full day conference has an assortment of topics to help build volunteer programs and engage self-care while fulfilling the organization’s mission.

    Date: Tuesday, September 17th

    Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

    Location: Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, 5601 North Allen Rd SE, Mableton, GA 30126

    Conference Schedule & Topics:

    8:30am-9:00amRegistration/Continental Breakfast 


    Keynote Speaker, Ciji Townsend

    As nonprofit professionals, we tend to focus on doing good in the community rather than focusing on our own self-care. Hear from our keynote speaker Ciji Townsend about understanding the need to be healthy while balancing philanthropic responsibilities at work. 

    About Ciji:

    Ciji is genuine and authentic on her everyday journey to live balanced not busy and provide practical solutions to find balance and ultimately shift from crazy busy to confident calm.
    This space could be used to house some fancy smancy bio that lists all of Ciji’s “incredible” accomplishments, but it would better to set the stage for the real story behind Balanced Not Busy.

    Ciji has been intrigued by the word “busy” since she was six years old.  Surrounded by working parents and grandparents, everyone seemed to be really really busy…ALL of the time.  Ciji was initiated into her family’s secret society of busy people when she turned 13.  Her over programmed social calendar, full schedule and ridiculous amount of commitments from school sports to the youth and government club was some official rites of passage.Ciji remained in the secret society and committed to the condition of being busy in high school, college and for many years post-graduation.  Until one day a light bulb went off and she no longer wanted to respond to “how are you?” with the overused response, “I’m so busy.”

    Her life as a balanced person has certainly not limited her from identifying and pursuing each one of her passions.  Professionally, she has worked as an Account Manager for Dyalect Marketing, Marketing Manager for Red Bull North America and currently in Corporate Public Relations at Cox Communications.
    Outside of her 9-5, she works 5-9 and sometimes even later to serve in the Atlanta community.  She is President Emeritus of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta Young Professionals, she is a member of the LEAD Atlanta 2013 class, a New Leaders Council Louisiana 2015 Fellow and a participate in the Leadership Buckhead class of 2017.  She is a recent graduate of the Leadership Georgia Class of 2018 and a member of the Junior League of Atlanta, she will chair the 2020 Shamrock N’ Roll road race.

    How does she do it all? In three words, Ciji is balanced not busy.  By living an intentional life, Ciji focuses on prioritizing her time and doing the things that matter most, that she is passionate about, that fulfill her life.  Rather than focusing on a work life balance, she lives life and avoids sacrificing her joy by glorifying “busyness.”

    10:00am-10:30am: Ice Breaker

    10:30am-12:15pmBreakout Sessions

    (all registrants will attend both discussions. Each topic is 45 minutes long)

    Logic Modeling & Development presented by Claire Arnold, United Way

      A logic model is a graphic depiction (road map) that presents the shared relationships among organizational resources, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact for your specific program. Hear from Claire Arnold about how it can help in meeting an organization's mission, vision, goals; establishing partnerships; and even its relativity to funding and accountability. 

        Risk Management presented by Kemba Keen, Easterseals North Georgia, Inc.


        12:15pm-1:00 PM: Lunch & Awards Ceremony 

        (catered lunch included in ticket price)

        1:00pm-2:00pm: Agency Connections 

        Connect with agencies that can assist your organization with volunteer recruitment. 

        2:15pm-4:00pm: Breakout Sessions 

        (all registrants will attend both discussions. Each topic is 45 minutes long)

        Beyond the Partnership: Collaboration for the 'ASK'

        Talent to Treasure: Volunteers to Donors presented by Courtney Parsons, Kate's Club 

        Learn about Kate's Club Ambassador program that leverages their most engaged, active, and dedicated supporters to further their mission. Ambassadors serve in leadership roles that fit their individual interests and skills by leading special event sub-committees, lead special projects, or other activity while also contributing financially to the organization. Find out how to lift volunteers and supporters to their full potential in this breakout session. 

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