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Notice COVA Members:

We will hold our annual meeting during the last half hour of our member meeting on June 21.  All members, please be prepared to vote on 2 new board member positions.  Click here to download a ballot.

2022-2024 President: Debra Brook

Director of Clubhouse & Volunteer Services

Position Overview: The President shall preside at all general meetings of membership, the Board and executive committee.  The President shall appoint the chairpersons of standing and ad hoc committees and at large members. The President shall also appoint the Professional Network Liaison and the Parliamentarian.  The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.  The President shall have the authority to assign special projects to the other officers and members of the Board. The President shall sign all contracts and obligations authorized by the Board. The President shall formulate plans with the Board for continual growth and development of COVA. The President shall be responsible for familiarizing the Vice President with responsibilities of the office.  The President shall be an active member of national, state and local organizations in alignment with COVA’s mission of advancing the professional management of volunteer services.

2022-2024 Secretary-Treasurer: Heather Staniszewski

Volunteer Services Manager, Fulton County Library System

Position Overview: The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence (including checking mailbox), notification of meetings, keeping accurate minutes of all meetings of COVA, the Board and executive committee, and shall be the depository of all official papers and documents of COVA. The Secretary shall prepare and present the annual report at the first member meeting in August. The Secretary shall distribute minutes via e-mail or COVA website.

The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of COVA's income and disbursements, acknowledge receipt of funds, and make payments upon receipt of approved vouchers. The treasurer shall furnish a financial update at each monthly executive board meeting and yearly in the annual report. The Treasurer shall be responsible for presenting a proposed budget, which reflects the fiscal needs of all committees and functions of the organization to the COVA Board by the beginning of the fiscal year for approval. The Treasurer shall be responsible for any taxes and government forms which must be filed and meet quarterly with the Finance Committee. If a Finance committee is not in place, the treasurer will have to meet quarterly with the President and Vice President.

President VOTE: (Circle one)                   YES                    NO             (2 year term)

Secretary/Treasurer VOTE: (Circle one)   YES                    NO             (2 year term)


Member Meetings

Given uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and to align with best practices outlined by public health organizations, our upcoming events will be a virtual meeting hosted on Zoom.  Visit our Events page for details.

Please stay tuned as we will be in contact with updates, and look forward to seeing you soon!

We have several board positions open for the upcoming COVA year 2021-2022.  Please contact COVA President Heather Staniszewski by email at if you would be willing to serve or assist on a Committee.

Volunteer Spotlight

COVACon 2021 re-energizes volunteer coordinators

Thank you to all that participated in the Annual COVACon 2021 Volunteer Management Conference in September.  We all feel a little more refreshed and regenerated after the discussions and words of wisdom from our guest presenters.

Here's a note shared by one of the conference attendees:

“I really enjoyed COVACON21 - adjusting to our new normal of doing things virtually is a lesson unto itself, but I learnt quite a bit and refreshed my volunteer management knowledge. I feel like I was managing our volunteer program on fumes, so it was good to get re-fueled. I did complete the survey and one thing I know we could do a better job of is tracking our data and telling stories with it!”

~Marie Wandera, First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta

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The Council of Volunteer Administrators of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc. (COVA) was established in 1972 as a membership organization of volunteer administrators dedicated to advancing the professional management of volunteer services in Metro Atlanta. COVA provides its membership with an accessible forum for networking, knowledge-sharing, collaboration and leadership opportunities. COVA is an organization of Volunteer Administrators, Executive Directors, volunteer and community leaders, students, consultants, trainers and job seekers. Our purpose is to promote sound leadership and management practices and to support professional volunteer administration.

We stand engaged with everyone in the fight for a just and equitable society. The COVA Board wishes to thank you for your hard work and commitment to serving your volunteers and the community. As a member based organization we draw strength from our diversity and strive to build an inclusive culture. We commit to actively seeking out people as speakers, board members and members with different voices, perspectives, and backgrounds and then listening to them, connecting with them, and working with them to build change.

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