Effectively Utilizing Court-Ordered Volunteers

  • 24 Oct 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • American Red Cross, 1955 Monroe Drive, NE, Atlanta, Ga 30324


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Effectively Utilizing Court-Ordered Volunteers

Individuals who come to volunteer because they are ordered by the court, or needing to satisfy community service hours are a bit different from traditional volunteers. Sometimes, because they are “voluntold” to perform a volunteer service, often they have no desire to be there. Others may actually wish to continue their service as a ‘traditional’ volunteer, once they have completed their required service hours. Many organizations welcome these volunteers as a part of their core value of serving and engaging everyone in the community. Julie Barwig and Mike Bowers are two Volunteer Managers who are shining examples of not only utilizing court-ordered volunteers in an effective way, but have also found a way to retain those volunteers in very meaningful ways. COVA invites you to come and listen to Julie and Mike, as they offer resources to help you:

1. Streamline your court-ordered volunteers process

2. Find appropriate ways to use these volunteers

3. Choose mutually beneficial projects and duties

4. Not treat the volunteers like ‘criminals’

5. Strike a balance between respect for all parties involved. 

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